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Album Cover
CD - Songs From Room 111 (2014)

The third and latest release by Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue. It's contains everything you've expected from the band and more. From heavy blues rock and deep ballads with wonderful guitar solos to some lighter, up tempo tracks that perfectly balance out this great album.

Track listing: 01. Room 111 - 02. You Don't Have To Beg No More - 03. Angel Walk With Me - 04. Just Say I Do - 05. Lose The Blues - 06. Nothing Lasts Forever - 07. When I Come Around - 08. Another Day On The Road - 09. Why A Man Needs A Woman

Total playing time: 50 min.

List Price: € 15,-

Songs From Room 111

Album Cover
CD - Broken Heart For Sale (2012)

The highly acclaimed second release by Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue. It's eleven tracks take you on a musical journey from the rawest Blues Rock to the most intricate ballads.

Track listing: 01. Boogie Woman - 02. Never Enough - 03. Broken Heart For Sale - 04. Heading For The... - 05. Night Time - 06. Jimi (Same Eyes As Mine) - 07. Confusion - 08. Breaking My Heart - 09. Prelude To A Tear - 10. Her Silent Cries - 11. Hometown

Total playing time: 59 min.

List Price: € 15,-

Broken Heart For Sale

Album Cover
CD - The Blues On My Side (2010)

The official debut album by Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue. Ten tracks of Heavy Blues and emotionally crafted Blues Ballads.

Track listing: 01. You've Given Me The Blues - 02. Change - 03. Green Eyed Girl - 04. Blind Man Can See The Light - 05. Stanger To The Blues - 06. A Day - 07. Breaking Your Heart - 08. New Promised Land - 09. Between The Lines - 10. The Blues On My Side

Total playing time: 58 min.

List Price: € 15,-

The Blues On My Side

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